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My name is Marta and before anything else I have to say, firstly, that travel and photography are my passion! After I finished my Fine Arts Degree, I left my hometown Barcelona to live the dream and travel with my partner. Since then beautiful things have happened, and over these years I have had the opportunity to build my knowledge and grow both professionally and as a person.

I lived for 3 years in the U.K, where I took the time to improve my English and also work as a fashion photographer for a local magazine in Swansea, the Welsh city I lived in.

Shortly after, I landed in Cyprus! A beautiful island in the Mediterranean that has been, as I like to call it, my daughter Blanca`s “Cradle” as she was just a baby when we arrived. Becoming a mother brought another wave of inspiration as a photographer, because of course its such a creative way to express my new feelings and capture those unique precious moments!

After spending 5 years in the island I went to Morocco for one year with my family. These experiences changed my way to live photography, documenting a more social perspective.

Life offer us a new opportunity in India, place where we actually live.

My work is my passion. All the senses come together, from the instant an image is born in my mind, to its creation and realization. And as i strive to analyze and piece together each image, it is both my escape and my entertainment! I put my five senses into it, that’s why I would be very happy if my photography excites you and makes you vibrate. No image is equal to another, there are as many photos as experiences in life and every one unique! Let me capture yours; there aren´t limits to creativity. I have experience in fashion, families, couples, pre-post wedding shoots… Have a look at my blog, you can find my latests projects, …

Thanks for visiting me and I wish you, as we photographers say, Good Light!… ( the way you say good luck or good day!)