En esta ocasión os enseño un trabajo que realicé para la empresa BLUEMATCH, dedicada a fomentar la autosuficiencia de la mujer en la India a través del empleo en las zonas rurales. Tuve la gran oportunidad de visitar sus instalaciones, ver cómo trabajan  y contar la historia de estas mujeres a través de mis imágenes.

Podéis ver aquí abajo los dos posts con las fotografías de esta experiencia en la India.

Sharmista Shankaranarayana

"Adding life and colours to memories!

Yes, that's Marta and her work according to me! I met Marta to discuss a rural project which involved capturing climate issues, human emotions, product solutions and more. I had no doubts about the outcome even though she is from a different country, speaking different language and also the complexity involved in capturing many things at a single click! She just blended well with the villagers, my team and the results were truly amazing. Some of her captures have reached various parts of globe and has won many hearts especially a few which explains the complexity of the project we work on. Till date a few villagers ask me about Marta and if she is visiting them again - this just shows her work is outstanding and way beyond a call of duty!

Thank you Marta for the selfless work and definitely you added life and colours to those memories."

Sharmista Shankaranarayana

Managing Director